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Selling your service should feel good for you and your prospective client. That’s why we need to throw the idea of being a “closer” out the window. Discover my neuroscience-based sales approach that supports a prospect through the process of navigating the subconscious roadblocks everybody experiences when making a buying decision.

Here’s what’s included:
  • ​How to easily enroll clients without ever trying to be a “closer."​
  • ​Seamlessly guide clients out of their heads and into their bodies where they can make the right decision for themselves.​
  • ​Learn how to present your service and price in a way that supports your true value and not just an easily objectionable “hourly rate."​
  • ​Eliminate “buyers remorse” through conversational selling without ever feeling pushy or aggressive.​
  • ​Handle every objection your client has with patience, understanding, and confidence so THEY can overcome them on their own without you ever needing to push them.​
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